In the age of virtual wallets and money we present the most user friendly, secure yet lightning fast wallet. Where you can store, send or receive currencies in a flash.

  • Add money instantly
  • All transactions are guarded by our solid security system
  • Easy access to statements and recent transitions history
  • Hassle free transfers
  • Mobile wallet
  • Choose the security settings according to your ease for heightened security.

Multi-currency accounts

World’s major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, Rupees, and the Russian ruble along with all cyrptocurrencies can be managed just by one wallet. You can also exchange the currencies at the market rate in the blink of an eye.

Security is primacy

You just do the transitions and we will make sure you never face any threat to it. As we have unbeatable security measures where only you authenticate and verify the transactions. Your money will always be under your control.

Limitless free transactions

You may send any currencies to your loved ones or business partner oftentimes without worrying about the fees as all the transactions between Numisma wallet holders are absolutely free!

Seamless customer support.

Problem? We are just a call/chat away from you for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our experts will help you out whenever you find yourself in a fix.

You mobile, Your Bank

Just download our application and manage everything on the go. You can control the cards to make payments and transfers of funds, view transactions and operations to convert funds from one currency to another and Get all important notifications of all your trades and movement of your currencies. You may also configure the security settings according to you to prevent any misuse of your mobile wallet. It is available on all notable operating systems such as IOS, Android, and Windows.


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